About Us

Wellness Resolutions has been helping people achieve their health and wellness goals since 2004. Our team of health experts includes registered dietitians and nutritionists, licensed dietitians and nutritionists and personal trainers certified by the most reputable organizations.

Our mission is to teach people how to EAT instead of putting people on a “diet”. We help our clients develop healthy eating habits that lead to lasting lifestyle changes. No fads, no gimmicks. There is no cookie cutter approach to our programs. Each and every one of our clients receives a nutrition program that is customized to work within their own unique lifestyles. We can teach you how to achieve your goals and still eat the foods you love. Contact us today to stop dieting and start changing your lifestyle once and for all!


Our Location:

Address: 1920 Mineral Spring Ave, #10 North Providence, RI 02904 Phone: (401) 305-6602